How to Make a Difference: ONE Person at a Time

I often proselytize about how we can each make a difference. Every Sunday on my A Dad’s Point-of-View Facebook Page, I ask as part of what I call #FaithSunday, “What are YOU doing to Repair the World?” It’s said that we can repair the world, one person at a time. I believe that to my core. Trying to solve the big problems in the world can be simply overwhelming, but everyone can touch a single human being. Everyone can make a difference.

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A Story of Giving — You ALWAYS Get More When You Give!

Author’s Note:  This is a special story and these kids can use our help. I hope you’ll join me in sending them your used, unused books, games, toys, stuffed animals, and more. This is when giving counts the most. I will start a drive soon to raise money for a laptop for them. When that time comes, your contributions will be much appreciated.  BE SURE to look at the photo links in this column — they’ll break your heart and make you feel wonderful at the same time (when you give, you get more)!


I’ve learned repeatedly in my life that whenever I give to the world, whether by direct action or donations, I get back so much more than the effort or money involved.  This is a life lesson that our kids should learn as so many of them, here in America, are living the “easy life” with no sense of the hardships most of the world has to bear and that most of mankind has historically suffered.

One of the unexpected benefits of my writing career and now my radio show is the opportunity to meet and interact with people I’d never have otherwise encountered.  My “A Dad’s Point-of-View” Facebook page has around 2,500 “members” (or “likes” as they call it) from literally all over the world. Over 35 different countries are represented with many from Africa (why? I don’t know).

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