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Went to see the Boss last night. Amazing show. Lousy seats and WHAT is with starting 70 minutes late? Hope to have some video to post soon. Took my son and a friend and relived taking him to see The Boss about a decade ago, when he didn’t appreciate it. THAT is the best part of parenting…so very cool to share these sort of things! New column is #SocialMedia IS the New Billboard as I continue to add a second weekly column that is usually more Social Media oriented. The new “Because I Said So” is really silly – watch out for “Dad” in the next SI swimsuit issue! Do you think in politically correct terms? I sure as heck don’t and express it in PC Lies – let me know what YOU think? Have YOU signed up for my newsletter yet? And, why not? No spam, just one weekly update that will keep you connected to our great community, #DadChat included!