#SocialMedia IS the New Billboard

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As my involvement in Social Media grew, I’ve watched brands, companies, and individuals grow and prosper using the global reach now available. With the stroke of finger on a keyboard, anyone can touch and connect with tens of thousands of people. It may be the most democratic evolution of social AND business interaction in history.

The smarter companies now have specific departments and individuals whose sole focus is on Social Media. I’m not sure what their titles are, but let’s say it’s Vice President, Social Media. It used to simply be Marketing VP. That doesn’t begin to convey the opportunities and scope available to all companies, big and small.

I know two such executives, Scott Monty of Ford and Marshall Weinbaum of Disney. Each brings to their company a whole new universe of publicity and exposure. It’s fascinating to watch a brand new job emerge and a brand new phenomenon change the way we buy products and engage services.

And, it is only the beginning.

My own personal journey mirrors the macro one in Social Media. I began by simply writing a weekly column. Why did I need Facebook or Twitter? I thought Twitter was about Ashton Kutcher telling us about his latest escapade or Lady Gaga promoting her newest meat dress. My thinking was similar to many big companies that felt the same and continued spending their advertising budgets on network television commercials at several hundred thousand a pop.

I changed my thinking. My world grew. My so-called influence grew and, more importantly, I met and interacted literally with the world. I also found that I could do more good for the world, which is a primary goal of mine.

First came Facebook. I did a profile. Then, I started a Page. I believe I approached each with my former showbiz love of flair and brought a different concept to their execution. With my A Dad’s Point-of-View Facebook Page, I began theme days. I stayed consistent with their execution so that every #MusicMonday, I post a morning and evening tribute to an artist. Every #WednesdayWords are posts with entertaining and enlightening quotations, while every #FaithSunday we talk about “Repairing the World.” It’s not my nature to take it all too seriously, so Friday is always #FridayFunnies.

Later, I started #DadChat and founded a growing community that join us each Thursday evening from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST. In one hour, we reach upwards of 1,000,000 people and garner as much as 27,000,000 impressions. Guest hosts such as @JessicaNorthey, @MackCollier, @AngelaMaiers, @CarrieWilkerson, Britt Michaelian (aka @MamaBritt), @DabenyPorte, Jure Klepic (aka @jkcallas), @PegFitzpatrick, and so many others bring their knowledge, insights, and followers. Below is a screenshot of the basic statistics from the April 19, 2012 #DadChat:

We even began doing Charity Auctions on #DadChat, raising money for the troops this past Veteran’s Day and for other worthy causes. To me, this was golden: learning, laughing, helping, and sharing.

That is what Social Media offers companies and brands. In my specific case, coming from a 25-year career in showbiz, before I retired to be a SAHD, I bring a sense of showmanship to this second career of mine. What is so wonderful is that just about ANY idea can be done, and done quickly!

Immodestly, I believe I now work in more forms of media than any other parent blogger I know. It just evolved, just as Social Media is evolving as THE new means of marketing. What began as simply a weekly column now includes The Bruce Sallan Show: A Dad’s Point-of-View, a radio show on four AM stations in four states, #DadChat, weekly I’m NOT That Dad vlogs, the Because I Said So comic strip, guest blogging for such sites as 12Most.com (My 25th article for them is in the works), an incredible community that shares each other’s work via Triberr, and speaking at major conventions, such as BlogWorld LA and the 140conf’s.

Did I mention that I’ve made countless virtual and real-life friends, too? Did I mention that it’s fun?

The bottom line is that Social Media works. Don’t take my word for it, look at the numbers:

1. Columns, Comics & Vlogs

2. Twitter

3. FaceBook

4. Triberr

5. TweetChat

That is millions of impressions (and that is just a sample of a period from each – not cumulatively!)

Imagine having the power to bring your message to that many people. Imagine having the power to say a phrase and have it reach millions. That is what happens when you use the various forms of social media outlined here – and all for the price of sweat equity (or sponsoring someone like me who sweats a lot) – which is significantly cheaper than costly TV commercials!

So why do you use Social Media?

Or Better Yet… Why don’t you use Social Media?