Bruce Consults!

Parenting Guidance, Relationship Advice, Internet Dating & Social Media – What a combo!

My consulting services include layman parenting guidance, relationship advice, with a special expertise on Internet Dating for the single dad or mom. I met my wife online after approximately 472 dates.

I can also consult on basic Social Media tutelage.

Going to a therapist is costly, time-intensive, and often never-ending. Going to me is fun, cheaper, and I won’t let you stay long ‘cause I’m too busy to have a regular on my schedule!

Given the various means of connecting today, I can consult via Skype, land-line phone, or in person if geographically appropriate. My fees are $100 per hour and by that, I mean 60 minutes rather than a therapist’s 45-minute hour. I live in Calabasas, California (91302).

I’m results-oriented so consulting with me will be focused and will be short-lived or I’ll fire you! With Social Media consulting, I will teach you the basics of Twitter and Facebook so you can know and participate in these emerging communication tools AND, for parents, so you can monitor and know what/where your kids are living. Because, trust me, they are living on Social Media and if YOU as their parent are not part of it, YOU are abdicating your job!