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Old comic about relationships

The other night my wife and I went on a date night to a very nice restaurant. We had a very nice waitress who was attractive, friendly, and declared almost immediately that she wasn’t going to have any children. Huh? I then asked her if she had a boyfriend. She instantly and disdainfully said, “No way.”

International symbol for marriage

Another thing that totally bothered this young woman was the fact that most of the guys her age were still living at home with their parents. Here she was fully supporting herself and her beloved dog, while these “boys” – aka young men in their mid-twenties – were home playing video games and having mom do their laundry.

Upon further questioning, we learned from her that “ALL the boys live at home with their parents and expect me to pay for everything.” My wife chirped up that she would NOT ever put up with that. What followed, between my wife and I, was a discussion of why this had occurred among today’s younger generation!

Men and Women comic

I’ve written before about the fact that presently 85% of college graduates come back home to live for extended periods of time: 85 PER CENT! That is unprecedented in modern American history! I didn’t have a single friend who came back home to live – only to visit – when I finished college at 19. Yes, NINETEEN! Now, our young boys and girls may not even begin college until 19!

Why has so much changed in such a short period of time? First of all, let’s look at the Baby Boomer Generation of which I am a member. It’s my belief that, with the exception of some good music and the Civil Rights movement, nothing much good has come from our generation.

Picking up the tab

The Boomer parents have raised the most spoiled kids in the history of the world. The Boomers now run our colleges, many of our big companies, Hollywood, and the government. Their policies have pretty much destroyed the nuclear family and so many other sacrosanct institutions upon which this country was founded and built.

Now, we cannot have The Ten Commandments in any public place. Christmas Trees are not allowed, let alone Christmas carols. Colleges actually have segregated dorms and speech codes now! Hello! And, they think that’s progressivism. Marijuana is legal in many states, though its potency is far greater than the drug of the hippie era. Sex? It’s everywhere and any kid can watch porn on his phone or other tech device. Religion? What’s that? And, we have sex-ed in primary school – so important to have that banana demonstration for 8-year-olds.

Choosing the bad boy

How about the role of a man or the role of a woman? Wait a minute – we’re taught there is no meaningful difference between a man and a woman except unimportant body parts (which can be changed if we wish). It’s all in how we are nurtured. It’s all about how we view ourselves. Didn’t you learn that in Gender Studies when you went to college?

Chivalry? What is that? When is the last time you saw a young boy/man open the door for any woman? But, we have equal pay for everyone in spite of the lies perpetuated by some on the left that it’s unequal. And, then there’s Title IX, which has pretty much destroyed many (men’s) college sports but now the girls can play water polo. I’m sure the ticket sales from women’s water polo lift up most college endowment funds!

Relationship Chart

Before you rail about the “fact” that women make less than men for equal work, check your facts. It’s simply not true. The reason for the so-called pay-gap has to do with CHOICES many working women make. The real pay gap is a matter of a few cents and, yes, that should be fixed. Equal pay for equal work is simply fair. But, propagandizing a lie doesn’t fix anything.

Let’s go back to our waitress and her lack of interest in dating. Who has taught the young boys/men that they don’t need to pay for a date? Who has shown them manners? Why are they acting like little boys when they’re 25? Because our culture AND government make entitlement seem to be a right – something everyone deserves.

Relationships cartoon

We’re watching tens of thousands of children cross our border with no apparent consequence. Our President is playing golf. He likes having more potential Democrats voting.

If I were an impressionable young man (or woman), I’d also tend to believe I’m entitled to food stamps, welfare, and gimme gimme gimmes! After all, those that cross the border illegally get stuff and so do most of my neighbors. With over 50 million people on food stamps, why should I work at a minimum wage job at a fast-food franchise? I’m MUCH better than that. I learned that when I look at my trophy case full of awards and trophies for JUST SHOWING UP at various school activities.

Finding Mr. Right

Isn’t “showing up” all I have to do?

So, this young waitress will work two jobs, pay her own rent, hang out with other working girlfriends, and forego having children or a man in her life. Frankly, I don’t blame her…

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