A Boomer’s Point-of-View: I Told You So (Re: China)

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China one-child policy propaganda

It a lengthy two-part article (The Real Problem is…Part One and Part Two) I wrote last year on declining birth rates in most of the world, I predicted that China would eliminate its one-child per couple policy. They just did. It’s now a two-child policy. I went on to predict something a bit more radical as well, but we’ll get to that prediction later (which I still stand by).

Some “lies” are perpetuated ad nauseum and the over-population myth is one of the worst. I could list many others but that would mean I’m entering back into a public discussion on politics and I’ve SWORN off doing that anymore. See my column on why I made that choice.

World total fertility rate

Western countries are NOT reproducing. That is a fact. There isn’t a single country in Europe making 2.0 babies per woman (which is exactly “break even”) and the United States is barely above that mark.

Japan now sells more adult diapers than baby ones. Is that not an astounding change in human behavior? Singapore PAYS its citizens to have babies given they have the lowest fertility rate in the world.

Cartoon about China's one-child policy

And, now China is finally reversing its incredibly destructive one-baby per couple/woman policy. The damage done will take generations to correct IF it can be corrected at all. But, given China’s coercive policies, perhaps they will find a way to “make” people procreate.

As a result of their one-child policy, many female babies were either killed after birth or, as technology improved, aborted upon learning they were female. Further technological advances allowed the more well-to-do to “influence” the gender of their baby by spinning the sperm or hanging from the ceiling when “making” their baby.
Gender gap in China graph

The result is there are now many millions more men than women in China. Where will these men find spouses? Obviously, many will be left out and what might that cause?

Perhaps it will cause an increase in rape in certain communities? I sure hope not (and that is not my prediction).

My prediction is that China will allow and encourage (under very strict circumstances) polyandry, which is more than one man marrying one woman. They will institute a policy encouraging two men to marry one woman. This will give the country more “chances” at having babies.

China's total fertility rate

Sound crazy? Think about ALL the truly crazy things that have happened throughout human history.

We will see.

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