YouTube Rant about Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes, at The Hollywood Bowl

Category: I'm Not that Dad

I went to the LIVE Bugs Bunny – Looney Tunes – show at The Hollywood Bowl a couple of weeks ago, It was absolutely FANTASTIC. I made an initial video that had short clips of the event – hardly visible images of the cartoons, along with the LIVE classical (public domain) music played by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. I also included fun stories that the conductor told. Within minutes of posting that video, I got that ubiquitous YouTube “warning” (threat) about using third party music without permission. I’ve been “warned” before and certain so-called “privileges” have been taken away – no trial, no appeal – just a fiat from the Gods of YouTube.

I don’t profit from these videos. I am simply sharing a “Live” event in clips. In fact, watching such a video might and likely could inspire viewers to actually purchase the music or, in this case, the videos of these classic cartoons.

Instead YouTube in cahoots with Hollywood is slamming EVERY ONE whenever there is the least breach of “use” rights – as they interpret them. Times have changed. I thoroughly support their enforcement of illegal downloading, pirated DVDs and CDs, and those that make an industry of stealing private copyrighted material. But, is it really necessary to go over short YouTube videos from a concert? Am I and others that do this hurting the industry or really promoting it?

I’ve re-edited the original video to exclude ALL music except the opening Star Spangled Banner – I think that’s public domain? Hopefully, I won’t get threatened again since nothing is here except washed out images – stills really – of the logo image from the concert, the conductor speaking, and one very short – hardly visible image of Bugs Bunny at the conductor’s stand – simply tapping it to get the orchestra’s attention.

I hope you – YouTube, and you, Warner Brothers – are not angry about that tiny inclusion. But, if you are, might you consider that I’m a regular consumer and perhaps simply nicely ask me to eliminate that one clip if it’s offensive to you? Is it really necessary to threaten me – to take away privileges and warn me that my YouTube channel may be shut down?

Who are YOU serving when you go after me and others like me?