Why Do Some Things Go Viral?

Going viral

Have you ever wondered why some things go viral while others don’t? Why one funny baby photo or video will be splashed all over the web and news while another equally funny one will get two views? Well, I have the answer. I know exactly what ingredients are needed to make any photo, video, or post go viral. It’s really quite simple.

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A Taste of Paul McCartney at #OutsideLands, 2013

Paul McCartney, at 71, put on a flawless nearly 3-hour show on August 9, 2013 at The Outside Lands Music Festival in San Francisco. This is just 3 minutes of clips – and EACH clip that has music is shorter than 15 seconds so YouTube – LISTEN TO ME – don’t hassle me about the rights! This should be completely legal and I’m NOT making money from this – just sharing an awesome experience with my friends! When he did “Live and Let Die,” the place went absolutely wild – see it at the end…

Photos, Videos, Music Rights, and YouTube – Copyrights

Internet piracy comic - irony

There is always ongoing discussion about copyright issues. YouTube has become extremely aggressive in enforcing video and music usage lapses – or what they and various rights-holders consider lapses. We all know that piracy issues and so-called free web-sharing sites that began with Napster have hit the music industry very hard. The film industry has been fighting movie/vhs/dvd piracy and copyright issues for decades

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YouTube Rant about Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes, at The Hollywood Bowl

I went to the LIVE Bugs Bunny – Looney Tunes – show at The Hollywood Bowl a couple of weeks ago, It was absolutely FANTASTIC. I made an initial video that had short clips of the event – hardly visible images of the cartoons, along with the LIVE classical (public domain) music played by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. I also included fun stories that the conductor told. Within minutes of posting that video, I got that ubiquitous YouTube “warning” (threat) about using third party music without permission. I’ve been “warned” before and certain so-called “privileges” have been taken away – no trial, no appeal – just a fiat from the Gods of YouTube.

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Rock N Roll Summer Songs at #DadChat

 Album cover for The Best of The Beach BoysEvery time #DadChat does music, we have a blast. Don’t we ALL love summer ROCK songs? What are your favorites? Bring your favorite rock ‘n’ roll summer songs and your classic pop ones as well. Back again to co-host is School-of-Rock maven Jason Ramsey! Heck, if you have a fav hip-hop or rap, share ’em! That means, have the YouTube link handy and ready. We’ll have a transcript – as always – so don’t worry about seeing them all during our chat this Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET.

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