Photos, Videos, Music Rights, and YouTube – Copyrights

Internet piracy comic - irony

There is always ongoing discussion about copyright issues. YouTube has become extremely aggressive in enforcing video and music usage lapses – or what they and various rights-holders consider lapses. We all know that piracy issues and so-called free web-sharing sites that began with Napster have hit the music industry very hard. The film industry has been fighting movie/vhs/dvd piracy and copyright issues for decades

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YouTube Rant about Bugs Bunny, Looney Tunes, at The Hollywood Bowl

I went to the LIVE Bugs Bunny – Looney Tunes – show at The Hollywood Bowl a couple of weeks ago, It was absolutely FANTASTIC. I made an initial video that had short clips of the event – hardly visible images of the cartoons, along with the LIVE classical (public domain) music played by the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. I also included fun stories that the conductor told. Within minutes of posting that video, I got that ubiquitous YouTube “warning” (threat) about using third party music without permission. I’ve been “warned” before and certain so-called “privileges” have been taken away – no trial, no appeal – just a fiat from the Gods of YouTube.

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