#Divorce returns to #DadChat with @Adryenn


When we took on divorce, we had our biggest #DadChat EVER – and perhaps one of the biggest hours ever on Twitter, with over 250-million impressions. So, why have we waited so long to re-visit this provocative topic? Heck if I know, but we’re TAKING IT ON again this Thursday, February 26 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET with a special co-host to be announced! And, coming back for a second time we have @Adryenn as our co-host! She brought us that record #DadChat and she’s back again!

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The Once-and-Still Married vs. The Divorced

Comedy - George Carlin

I was jogging around our nearby lake when I saw two women walking. As I passed them, I recognized one as a former friend of mine. Our eyes met but she quickly averted them. I realized who it was by the time I was way past them. It brought back many memories of what I call The Dark Days of (My) Divorce.

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Men vs. Women: Looking and Flirting

Men vs Women Talk about Looking and Flirting

Men Vs Women and Interpretation

I had a discussion the other day with a young woman friend who said she preferred dating older men because the guys her age were only interested in one thing. Ironically it was the guys that either were not interested or feigned disinterest that attracted her the most. I was struck by the irony of her statement, though I was sure it was true for her and many other of her contemporaries. Like the song said, “Love is strange.”

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My Parents’ Love Affair

My parents had the greatest love story, love affair of them all! I threw a 50th Wedding Anniversary surprise party for them in June, 1989. This was way before packaged videos of events. I hired a new videographer who basically just “shot” the event. I prepared my own visual presentation at the party and that is what you’ll be seeing in this 14-minute video. I hope you appreciate it. I was once young!

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He Said, She Said: Men Vs. Women on Valentine’s Day

men-dont-have-a-clue-what-women-want-for-valentines-day he said, she said

I’ve gone off the charts with Valentine’s columns and Because I Said So comic strips this year. I guess I like the true contrast between men and women on their views of this holiday. Special friend Kim Tracy Prince wrote Girl’s Talk: A Woman’s Opinion on Valentine’s Day and I responded with Guy’s Talk: A Man’s Opinion on Valentine’s Day. My column for 12Most from last year is still getting tons of hits, reaching #1 for them this past week – 12 Most Classic Romantic Songs for Valentine’s Day. Finally, we’ll be sharing OUR favorite Love Songs at #DadChat this coming Thursday, February 14th.

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Why Don’t Couples Tell the Truth?


A scenario: two couples are going out for dinner together. As each couple is getting ready they have a typical marital fight. It escalates on the drive to meet the other couple at the lovely restaurant they’re going to. When they arrive, they each angrily slam the door on the car and storm into the restaurant. Upon seeing the other couple, happy faces appear, and they end up having a nice evening.

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