Dad IS Funny at #DadChat for #FathersDay

Dad and Son comic

Let’s admit it. Dad can be quite funny. I mean YOUR dad or YOU, if you’re a dad. And, often it’s in the embarrassing column! My boys are always on edge wondering what THEIR dad might do to embarrass them. The funny thing is how much their friends seem to like “their dad” but how much THEY seem nervous about what “he” will do! Sound familiar? Let’s share FUNNY stories of our dads at #DadChat this Thursday, June 12 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET in honor of Father’s Day.

We might have a giveaway or two!

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Dad Gets Sentimental on Father’s Day

Dad Gets Sentimental On Father's Day

It’s another Father’s Day and while I’m NOT That Dad, and “Son” is not my son, my son Aaron did draw this B&W cartoon for me for Father’s Day, 2008. I used to go around the house singing that song to the melody of the Indiana Jones theme song. I can be sentimental at times. Enjoy my Father’s Day column, Father’s Day: Things I’ve Loved and Learned as a Dad.

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What’s New on Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day this Sunday. Who’s YOUR Daddy? What’s new? I have posted my reflections on being a dad – Things I’ve Loved and Learned – this Father’s Day. Look for the new Because I Said So comic on Thursday, also in honor of Father’s Day. And, #DadChat is doing The Change Challenge with @SmashFit and inviting the #FriendsOfRicki to join us. Speaking of the #FriendsOfRicki, I am their “Friend of the Week” this week! How cool is that? Will be posting a new I’m NOT That Dad vlog tomorrow. Do you think I have enough links in this short update?