Men vs. Women: Work-Life Balance

 Scrabble work life balance

Continuing with this series of columns, let’s examine the ongoing and increasingly big struggle we all face when trying to balance our lives, ubiquitously now known as work-life balance. Work is now a 24/7 option. I suppose “Life” is, too. But, work has intruded in our lives in ways never before imagined. The life of the advertising guys in “Mad Men” ended, to a degree, at the end of their proscribed workday or depending on how drunk they were on any given occasion. The end of our work-lives today is completely random. And, I’ll assert that men and women approach this work-life balancing act in different ways.

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Men vs. Women: Sexism, Perception, and Reality

Cartoon about sexism

I love writing this blog series. Why? Because I get to poke holes in the conventional, contemporary politically correct stereotypes. And, I sincerely believe that the differences between men and women are genuine and trying to conflate them to fit some academic model of humanity simply denies our humanity. And, for those that know me, I like to provoke…discussion. I’m still waiting for some ardent feminists or Women’s Studies students or professors to weigh in with their comments. So, shall we take on Sexism? Yeah, let’s go for it and I’m going to reveal an embarrassing story along the way!

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Men vs. Women: Differences in Managing Stress

Stress cartoon by Randy Glasbergen

Managing stress is one of our biggest challenges in life. There will be stress: that’s a given. There will be tough times: that’s a given. And, there will be good times, too. But most every circumstance will lead to a changed one, whether good or bad. Men and women approach most things in gender-specific fashion as I’ve detailed in this ongoing blog series. Stress is no exception.

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Men vs. Women: Looking and Flirting

Men vs Women Talk about Looking and Flirting

Men Vs Women and Interpretation

I had a discussion the other day with a young woman friend who said she preferred dating older men because the guys her age were only interested in one thing. Ironically it was the guys that either were not interested or feigned disinterest that attracted her the most. I was struck by the irony of her statement, though I was sure it was true for her and many other of her contemporaries. Like the song said, “Love is strange.”

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He Said, She Said: Men Vs. Women on Valentine’s Day

men-dont-have-a-clue-what-women-want-for-valentines-day he said, she said

I’ve gone off the charts with Valentine’s columns and Because I Said So comic strips this year. I guess I like the true contrast between men and women on their views of this holiday. Special friend Kim Tracy Prince wrote Girl’s Talk: A Woman’s Opinion on Valentine’s Day and I responded with Guy’s Talk: A Man’s Opinion on Valentine’s Day. My column for 12Most from last year is still getting tons of hits, reaching #1 for them this past week – 12 Most Classic Romantic Songs for Valentine’s Day. Finally, we’ll be sharing OUR favorite Love Songs at #DadChat this coming Thursday, February 14th.

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Guy Talk: A Man’s Opinion on Valentine’s Day


Last week I published a guest blog by my friend Kim Tracy Prince — Girl Talk: A Woman’s Opinion on Valentine’s Day. I felt it only appropriate to respond in kind though I wrote why Guys Hate Valentine’s Day last year. Kim chose to write the five reasons women hate and love this dreaded holiday (dreaded – by men). I think I will do the same, though it will be a challenge to come up with any for the love side of this equation.

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Men vs. Women: Dieting, Exercise, and Losing Weight

DietingWell, it seems perfect to take on dieting and losing weight early in the year since it is the NUMBER ONE resolution most people make every New Year! But, like every column in this ongoing series, men and women approach diet, weight loss, and exercise quite differently. And, like every column in this series, I will be making many generalizations, which often and usually have exceptions. And, I will do my best to annoy any Women’s Studies professors and/or students!

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