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Dad 2.0 Summit in San Francisco

This week’s #DadChat on Thursday, February 19 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET is going to be EXTRA special because we have two very special sponsors AND we’re doing it LIVE from San Francisco. The Dad 2.0 Summit is being held this year in San Francisco and we’re helping launch this incredible event on the first night of the Summit. Our sponsors are Dove Men+Care (@DoveMenCare) and The #Dad2Summit. We’re going to talk about What DEFINES us – men AND women. What is #RealStrength? And, we will have some great prizes.

First, let’s have a big HOORAY for the Dove Men+Care Real Strength campaign and their awesome commercial that shows Care Makes A Man Stronger:

Dove Men+Care

Dove Men+Care understands that male strength today is measured by more than traditional notions of power, affluence, or physical strength

Do YOU – Dads – feel well-represented in the public sphere? How do YOU think men are measured today? What MAKES a man, a dad? These are the questions that the Dad 2.0 Summit has been asking since its inception just FOUR years ago. At that first Summit, most of us dads were angry at our portrayal in the public sphere. We wrote about it, railed about it, and spoke to brands to recognize who and what we are – not some old stereotype from the past.

Dove Men+Care embraced dads from the beginning and just a few short years later we had the recent Super Bowl and – HOLY MOLY – Dads were portrayed as men with #RealStrength and humanity. Heck, we even know how to change a diaper!

Let’s talk about how our roles have evolved, what still needs to be addressed, and how men can continue to meaningfully participate in the most important job of them all – raising our children. Oh, and how about winning some prizes as well!?

Dove Men+Care productsOur Grand Prize from our sponsor – The Dad 2.0 Summit – this Thursday, February 19 will be a gift bag of Dove Men+Care products. But, we’re also giving away TWO Amazon $50 gift cards AND a FREE ticket to next year’s Dad 2.0 Summit.

Here are some suggested tweets to bring out the men AND women in your lives to this special #DadChat. Note, #DadChat is always well-populated with moms – we believe we need dads AND moms to make the world ROCK:

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