Do As I Say – Not As I Do! #MoralQuestionOfTheWeek

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Are you a parental hypocrite? Do you tell your kids the dangers of smoking or drinking, while holding a cigarette and beer? How about something less obvious – do you NOT wear a helmet when you ski or ride a bike while demanding that your kids wear one? I see this ALL the time when I ski and it makes me nuts! Very simply, are YOU a parental hypocrite? Own it if you are and work to change it. Remember that your kids SEE everything you do.

Dangers of smoking

If you smoke weed “secretly” while telling your kids the dangers of smoking pot, do NOT delude yourself that they do not know what you’re doing? This week’s Moral Question of the Week is less a question than a strong admonition to talk the talk and walk the walk. Do NOT be a Parental Hypocrite! Your thoughts are welcome, below…