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Gay or Straight?

#DadChat has never shied away from tough topics and this week’s chat, Thursday May 15  from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET,  is NO exception as we take on the (sexual) lifestyle choices our kids WILL be exposed to AND taught in our schools. The topic came up when I invited a gay friend to be our co-host. He’s a Social Media love-hound, flamboyant in his looks and demeanor in a totally infectious way, and beloved among all his friends.


His first reaction was fear. He said that only recently had he even begun to have good and trustful relationships with heterosexual men. I was stunned to hear this since my feelings towards him are simple. He’s cool. I don’t really care who he sleeps with – he’s a good person and THAT is how I judge people.

When I suggested that an open discussion about sexuality at #DadChat would be refreshing and probably very helpful for many, he agreed. However, getting him to formally and fully commit has proven elusive. Nonetheless, in his honor and the honor and respect of all  “diverse” lifestyles, I want to take on this topic with our incredible community this Thursday. Normally I dislike the word “diverse” because I believe it’s become over-used and too politically correct. But, it’s the perfect word for this topic.

Is “Choose” a poor choice-of-words (in the title)? Do our kids have a choice about their sexuality?

How would you deal with a child who cross-dressed?

If your son liked to play with dolls, would you encourage or discourage that behavior?

When your teenage daughter tells you she’s “kissed a girl,” how will you respond?

If your son comes home with a “boyfriend” will you embrace him? Your daughter with a “girlfriend?

Let’s be open and frank about our feelings. Let’s ask these hard questions. Let’s support those of us struggling with any of these issues!

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