Morning After Pill Ruling BS

Category: I'm Not that Dad

I was asked by HuffPostLive to make a video comment for a segment they were preparing about the Morning After PIll and an activist judge’s ruling. This is what I said. I believe EVERY word in this short rant. I believe it’s ABSURD that a judge can legislate. I believe that a child THAT YOUNG should NOT have access to any sort of prescription meds. Kids need to be 16 to drive, 18 to smoke or enlist, and 21 to drink, but it’s OKAY that they can get birth control – after the fact , the morning after pill- at ANY AGE? C’mon, even you lefties have to see the craziness of this? Are we becoming like a totalitarian regime where The State parents OUR kids? This is yet another case of Political Correctness gone MAD!

Note: The “BS” in the title is simply my initials…