#Free Kindle Version AND PDF of The Empty-Nest Road Trip Blues E-Book

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A deal you can’t afford to miss! Buy my new e- book at Amazon¬†for $2.99 (the price at Amazon) and I’ll refund the full cost to your PayPal account AND send you a free copy of the PDF. Just send a copy of your Amazon receipt to: [email protected]. It doesn’t matter if you own a Kindle, ’cause I’ll send the PDF version which you can read and watch on any computer, or device with wi-fi!

Offer expired December 24, 2012, but if you’re here, it’s STILL GOOD!

I hope you’ll post a review on Amazon – if you want to and if you like it! And, I’d appreciate it if you’d sign up for my newsletter on our Home Page (no spam AT ALL) where it says “Stay in the Loop.”