Bruce is Going #Vegan

Category: I'm Not that Dad

I’ve been going #Vegan going on six months now. This video and the interviews were done just a few weeks into this new diet, as I was just going #vegan. Since then, I’ve had a second doctor’s visit with equally positive results. HOWEVER, my doc convinced me to add a bit of chicken to my diet as a precaution to be sure I was getting enough protein.

Given that my motivation for going vegan was not political or even strongly health-centered, I have no problem adding a bit of chicken to my diet so I’ve been eating grilled chicken breast about twice a week. I also lapse occasionally with a pastry that might have some butter in it. Other than that, I’m about 90% or so vegan and I expect to stay that way.

The struggle for me is still managing carbs ’cause I love ’em and, consequently, I haven’t lost as much weight as I’d like to. But, I’ve learned more and more new foods/recipes and I’ve completely convinced myself (brainwashed) that most of them taste terrific!