#DadChat Talks #Teens This Week

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#DadChat is again taking on teens Thursday, March 15 – from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PST – with co-hosts @Josepf and @Milaspage. The homework is the There IS Hope column about one parent’s journey with one teen and – for the time being – the happy ending. Yes, “There IS Hope” with your teens.

#DadChat is the chat for anyone who was a child or is a parent. Moms, Dad, Aunts, Uncles, or your dogs and cats are all welcome. We have a great community and I invite you to join us!

A special invite to all those attendees and speakers from the recent Dad 2.0 Summit in Austin, Texas! If you want to know more about the just completed #Dad2Summit, read my re-cap.

Josepf Haslam, a father to 3 girls and the oldest of 5 siblings, leads Business Development for DragonSearch. Haslam is a self described Client Advocate who believes in partnerships and long-term relationships. Josepf loves Social Media, SEO, and Haiku poetry on Twitter. Raised in Philly, Josepf has traveled the world, spending extensive time in Europe and Asia. The need to communicate cross cultures and languages fascinates and informs his use of Social Media. During this “Year of the Dragon” Josepf is proud to be supporting Ric Dragon’s new book Social Marketology, which elucidates a comprehensive, repeatable process for using Social Media for Marketing. Josepf was recently named one of the top 100 Social Media Influencers checking in at #44. Josepf may be found on Twitter, LinkedIn, and About Josepf for other options. Contact Josepf for speaking engagements or Social Media/SEO proposals.

Mila Araujo is the Director of Personal Insurance for Ogilvy & Ogilvy Inc. in Westmount, Quebec. A third generation, family owned financial services firm with offices in Toronto and Montreal. Mila has a diverse background in management and has also worked in public relations, non-profit organizations, event management. In her previous roles, Mila has organized international conferences on health care, as well as programs to promote health for seniors and children in partnership with the Government of Canada. In 2009 she worked with Modica Communications on the development of the Centre for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility, part of the Canadian government’s CSR strategy. Mila’s lived in Los Angeles, Paris, Hawaii and calls Montreal home. She’s the mother to one super awesome (and often challenging) 18yr daughter who has been by her side for all the adventures along the way. In 2003, they appeared in Today’s Parent magazine together promoting the 2003 Cross Canada Walk for Health. As part of her role at Ogilvy & Ogilvy, Talent Development, Customer Service and Social Media are some of her focal points for 2012 . She is currently organizing the “State of Now” (#140Conf) Montreal coming up May 15th 2012.