Just A Guy Having a Corny Moment With His Son

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As my kids get older, each touching corny moment (and I mean “touching” literally, as well as figuratively) becomes more and more fleeting.  As I have two boys, the amount of kissing and hugging is reduced to the point of pretty much shaking hands, and with my younger son (13), an occasional hug and air peck on the cheek.  At least my (3) dogs still give me affection (and, my wife, of course – if I didn’t say that I’d be in the “dog-house”).

BUT, I had one of those “at this age” unusual and rare sappy parenting moments with my young teen when he and I went to see AVATAR. It was Saturday night so we thought getting there an hour early would be time enough to get tickets for the 7:00 p.m. show.  Nope, sold out. So, we got them for the 8:00 p.m. show and went for dinner.

We chatted with other people at the “open seating” area of the restaurant (always fun), and then got seats a full hour before the movie began, to get good ones.  My son, as is so typical, complained about waiting so long and did the “how much longer?” question repeatedly.  He was tired from jet lag after his recent return from Japan and Hong Kong.

To my shock and wonderful surprise, I found him resting his head on my shoulder periodically during the movie.  This, the kid who hates being hugged or even kissed by his dad (“Daaaaaddddd, it’s so embarrassing!”). I pushed my luck and put my hand gently on his leg each time. He did “come to his senses” after a few moments, woke himself up, and resumed watching the movie.  But, this repeated itself quite a few times and I must admit, I loved it. But what do I know; I’m just a guy.