Would YOU Like to Co-Host #DadChat?


#DadChat is just two years old and may be the biggest and best parent-centric Tweet Chat on Twitter. We regularly get wonderful co-hosts from all walks of life. We have supported various charities via fund-raisers, and our community has evolved into a 24/7 forum, utilizing the #DadChat hashtag. In January of this year, we unofficially achieved a World Record number of impressions in the 24-hours around the official #DadChat get together every Thursday evening.

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Brands, #DadChat, #Money, and Social Media

Now that my first-born is going off to college and one that costs almost literally an arm and a leg, I am finally looking at how to make more money from all my activities in Social Media. I began this second career of mine by writing a column. Later, I moved on to radio, graduated to Tweet Chats, my own website, guest-blogging, a comic strip, doing a weekly vlog, authoring a book, speaking at conventions, and finally my own #DadChat.

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Abstinence: What Do People Want to Talk About?


Last night’s #DadChat was on a pretty serious and heavy subject: God and Abstinence. It was hosted by Pastor Drew Sams aka @SurferDrew, who is a regular guest on my weekly radio show. We had good participation, but not as great as usual, though we still had over 1,000 tweets and just shy of 100 participants, including my friends Sonya aka @Sonya_LeanOnUs from England, and Michael aka @mqtodd, from Japan. My question is: was the topic of abstinance a turn-off? Do people want to avoid the serious discussions? Was having a religious leader scary to some?

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Blogchat: Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

Some of the #blogchat participants on July 24, 2011

UPDATE: I can’t nor ever will try to compete with #BlogChat ’cause it’s the BEST. But, I’ve begun my own TweetChat based on my “A Dad’s Point-of-View” columns and experiences called #DadChat. Our inaugural chat was on April 20, 2011, and it was based on the “Love Means Saying NO” column. It began as #aDadsPov but we changed it to #DadChat. Like all chats, it will evolve but my gut says it will tend to be on more general topics related to parents, marriage, teens, relationships, and more vs. a particular “A Dad’s Point-of-View” column. The day/time is now Thursday evenings from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST. Write me with any thoughts at [email protected].

Thanks to @womensville, @lifeonprint, @PlacesFirst, @twchat, @macknowledge, @geekbabe (for a drop in of support!), @msclocia (also a drop-in – will be with us next time), @HHTalkes, @judiknight, @thinkingparents, @ThinDifference, @MatchesMalone, @notasupermom for joining our first one!

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