Social Media Social Good: Smart Phone Anxiety

A smart way to stay connected to my smart phone

Do you have Social Media Anxiety? Or Smart Phone Anxiety? A friend told me a story the other day that I related to and I wonder how many others will as well? This friend is a ski buddy. He told me that he arrived at The Canyons Ski Resort where we ski (in Utah), parked, got on the gondola, and was excited and ready to go skiing. Checking for his smart-phone, he discovered it wasn’t there. He patted every conceivable pocket and then began to panic. Hello Social Media Anxiety! Hello Smart Phone Anxiety, to be more specific! Where is Oprah when we need her?

Yes, panic.

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Do You Employ Effective Communication?

I’m old enough to remember using rotary phones, having a pen pal, and Black and White TV with no remote, or a remote that was wired and did almost nothing. My boys have grown up with computers, Facebook, music “sharing” first with Napster and then so many others, Twitter, and Social Media. How they communicate is so much different than when I was their age. How we all communicate now is so varied. Do you think you employ effective communication?

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How to Stay Cool to Your Kids

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You want your kids to relate to you, right? You want to be cool, don’t you? Maybe you should try to relate to them? Novel idea. Do you remember all the DUMB things your parents liked and did? Do you really think you’re any different?

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