Staying Single is NOT Good for Your Kids

24/7 parent cartoon

When I began dating again, after my divorce, I had certain desired requirements for any women I might date. They were simple – she had to be breathing. No, they weren’t that simple because my life at the time was far from simple. Raising two traumatized young boys alone meant, or so I thought, that I should only date women who also were single parents. I had my boys almost 24/7 in the beginning and later 24/7 period, now for over a decade.

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Mom Bloggers vs. Dad Bloggers

I’ve decided to walk into very dangerous waters. It’s not that I haven’t done it before, especially when I “took on” the Occupy movement! That generated a LOT of comments and a whole lotta controversy. Taking on those “protesters” is easy in comparison with takin’ on the moms; specifically mom bloggers!

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