My Awakening at “Spring Awakening” #DadChat

Spring Awakening

My son recently was the stage manager for a local production of the musical, “Spring Awakening” which he’d declared for a couple of years as his favorite musical. My wife and I had not seen it before this local production and didn’t know the story other than a brief synopsis that our son provided. He was very proud of this particular production so we attended it with great anticipation and excitement.

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The Evolution of Technology: The Television Movie aka Movies-of-the-Week

By Professor David E. Weber and Bruce Sallan

The Evolution of Technology series continues with a detour to a form of television that is largely extinct: The Television Movie. Also known as Movies-of-the-Week, they were once a staple of the major networks’ schedules back in the days before Fox, Cable, and even VCRs, let alone DVRs. It was also the focus of my first career for a quarter century. Look me up on IMDB or Wikipedia to learn of my sordid past in showbiz!

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