How to Speak Chinese with Your iPhone

iPhone 5

I’m sitting on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles. My older son and I are returning home together though we’re seated in different parts of the plane. Next to me, asleep, is the random passenger that happens to be my travel partner on this trip.

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Dad, Technology Genius

Because I Said So comic strip technology genius

Again, I MUST remind you that I’m NOT That Dad (which is just the name of my weekly vlogs)! This comic script, however, was inspired by my younger son attending his prom. “Dad” tries to take a photo of his dashing-looking son thinking that he, “Dad,” is in fact a technology geniusl.

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Leaving the #iPhone Behind

A while ago, I wrote Seven Days Without My iPhone. Now, I’ve gone another 5 days, with one more to go, without it again. It is liberating. Much has been written lately about taking Social Media sabbaticals or breaks. Not only is it a good idea, I would assert it would improve your relationships – especially in your “home” family – and also improve, yes, your health.

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Seven Days Without My iPhone

No photo-editing. This image was real! The pilot playing after dropping us off.

Note: This column was written while on vacation – heli-skiing – during the first week of April, 2012. And, in fact it was nine days…

I have just embarked on a heli-skiing trip to the Cariboo Mountains. I chose NOT to bring my iPhone. First, I had thought there was no reception at the lodge. Second, every time I go to Canada I incur stupid charges that piss me off. And, third, I thought it would be a great experiment to go without it.

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