Bruce Teaches Golf

Bruce teaches golf now?? This is the first golf lesson from Bruce. He has been playing golf less than a year but believe he knows everything about the game because he got a hole-in-one on his 10th round of golf, EVER. 185 yard Par 3. So, enjoy this first lesson as Bruce teaches you all his skills – with a special appearance from his wife. Future lessons are available – privately, of course – at the bargain price of $25,000 an hour. Bookings are still available for 2013…

What Happens When Dad Doesn’t Talk?


The other night, my wife and I watched “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” a perfectly entertaining, somewhat ordinary movie, with a great cast having a great time. At one point, two characters faced off and argued over who was the alpha person in their relationship. It’s quite clear who is the alpha personality in our home, even though my wife thinks she runs the show. And, I have the bigger mouth.

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Dad Fishes for Balls


We all KNOW that “Dad” is not me, but I will tell you that this comic (script) is inspired by a true story! You might say that “Dad” has a handicap when it comes to golfing! Have fun fishing for balls!

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