A Story of Giving – THE UPDATE – Please Join In Our Effort!

As you may know, I’ve developed a relationship with the Pastor, his kids, his community, and their school in Ghana, Africa.  I’ve written about it in my A Story of Giving column, my “Africa Zebras” blog (with the great photos), and spoken of it on my Radio Show (August 12, 2010). They are wonderful young girls that we’ve sent books and more to. Soon, we’ll be sending some laptops (from The Wright Centre for Orthodontics).  Pastor Frank Bennin is father to some (biologically), and “Father” to all, spiritually.

I wanted to share with you a chat I had with Pastor Frank, via Facebook, about what we hope to accomplish together and create our own story of giving.  Please note their address if you want to send your own box of books, magazines, toys, stuffed animals, and more.
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