Baby Boomers Get Old, Too!


I was born in the fifties so I guess that qualifies me as part of the Baby Boomer generation. I’d rather not be part of what I consider as the most destructive modern-era generation of self-involved human beings the planet has ever seen. But, I had no choice as to when I was born. I’m fond of saying that the ONLY good thing to come out of the sixties was some decent rock ‘n’ roll and, sadly, I stand by that statement. Okay, the Civil Rights movement was a good thing, too.

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My Fear and Loathing of Getting Old

Thong comic

Getting old is something most of us will face and most of us would choose to face. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fears along the way and I have many that date back to my childhood. In my lifetime, the whole idea of getting old has been somewhat re-defined by my generation – the baby boomers. Now, sixty is the new fifty, and seventy is the new sixty, and so on. Like most things we boomers do, it’s foolish and, in this case, just a form of denial.

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I Feel Old, Part One

Getting old comic

Yes, we’ve all heard the phrase “you’re only as old as you feel.” And, I tend to agree with it. I am living life to the fullest in my memory. Nonetheless, there are things that make me “feel” old, emotionally. There are so many contemporary examples that I feel compelled to make a list. Heck, we all like lists. And, as it’s turned out, I can’t even complete the list in one column!

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