Be Careful What You Say or Write #SocialMedia

Caution - Social Media Danger

Recently, I wrote a column that apparently angered some readers as well as a dear friend of mine. Upon reflection, I realized that I probably have diarrhea of the mouth (or pen) and, sort of like Tourette syndrome I sometimes don’t censor my thoughts very well. I’ve since deleted that column. So, as a sort of penance and caution to others, I’m writing this column to encourage THINKING before speaking whatever comes to your mind, or hitting “publish” without careful reflection.

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What’s Next for ME in #SocialMedia, #Media, and #Writing?

Mid-Life Crisis

Last year, at this time, I hit a wall when I attended a dad conference. I looked around the room and realized THIS was not me anymore. I was older than the vast majority of dads in the room. Their issues, their lives, their passions were greater than mine as I was “moving on” given my boys were nearly grown. I briefly got depressed, but quickly got out of that self-indulgence and decided on taking a fork in the road with my next (professional) moves.

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May I Help You? #CustomerService #DadChat #Verizon

Customer Service Comic

I grew up in a truly different world. Born in the fifties, life was simpler and people seemed kinder and more eager to help each other. Perhaps I’m looking back at it through rose-colored memories but I do know that some things were decidedly better. Please see “Final Note” at the end of this column about Verizon – my #1 pick for WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE

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The Definitive Guide: How to Build a Successful Tweet Chat #Twitter #DadChat


We’ve all seen how ubiquitous hashtags have become and how everyone in media is using them. In #SocialMedia, it’s now the standard way of getting attention on Twitter and the Tweet Chat has grown to include over 1,000 regular chats. These are the contemporary equivalents of chat rooms, but much more specific. I started #DadChat 3 ½ years ago and it’s grown into one of the most successful on Twitter.

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#SocialMedia Social Good – Vitamin Angels


I recently had the privilege of attending the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of Vitamin Angels. It was a gloriously fun event held at the beautiful Resort at Pelican Hill in Newport Coast, California.

The event was a gathering of sponsors, donors, and others who have supported and worked with/for Vitamin Angels over the years. It included a terrifically fun golf tournament, lovely swag gifts from the sponsors, and a beautiful outdoor dinner with entertainment and short powerful speeches, accompanied by compelling video.

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Quid Pro Quo, #SocialMedia, and #Triberr

Social Media

When I began doing Social Media one of the first things I was told was that for every tweet sent about myself, I should send ten about (and supporting) others. I liked that philosophy. That is why I write this Social Media Social Good series because I believe we have such a GREAT opportunity to do good via Social Media. And, it’s so democratic. Anyone can do good if they set their mind and heart to it! How sweet it is. Hmmm, that would make a good song title?

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Have We Hit a Tipping Point of TOO MUCH (#Technology and #SocialMedia)?

Internet comic - our connected world

Watching a couple of relatively new movies on NetFlix recently I was struck by how well they are now integrating daily technology into the story lines. Everyone in a contemporary film has/uses smart-phones, communicates via texting, and is adept on a laptop. In espionage and thrillers (e.g. James Bond), they take it to an extreme that may not be realistic but it’s often not too far out of touch with reality. But, when it comes to everyday stories, I suspect it’s very touched by reality and that is my concern.

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