What’s Next for ME in #SocialMedia, #Media, and #Writing?

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Mid-Life Crisis

Last year, at this time, I hit a wall when I attended a dad conference. I looked around the room and realized THIS was not me anymore. I was older than the vast majority of dads in the room. Their issues, their lives, their passions were greater than mine as I was “moving on” given my boys were nearly grown. I briefly got depressed, but quickly got out of that self-indulgence and decided on taking a fork in the road with my next (professional) moves.

Dad HATES Valentine's Day - BISS #170

That “fork” had to do with adding Social Media to my writing topics. Minimizing doing “just dad” stuff, without giving it up altogether since we NEVER stop being a dad (or parent). #DadChat became a primary focus of my remaining dad-work and I still enjoyed doing my comic strip, Because I Said So.

Social Media comic about getting a job

Later that year, I ended my 4-plus run of my radio show – that decision was mostly economic.

The result of these changes was that I found myself with a bit more time on my hands. For me, that’s very dangerous. I might do something foolish – like jump off a cliff on my skis to see if I can! I’m NOT suicidal, to be clear.

I also thought I’d devote more writing time to my blog series, Men vs. Women, the new Golf is Like series, and this one, Social Media Social Good. For a variety of reasons, I became less consistent writing these blogs.

Career change comic

The upshot is I do have TOO MUCH time on my hands. And, I’m about to go to the same dad conference for the fourth consecutive year. I expect I won’t have another epiphany – or career-crisis. And, I am doing a sponsored #DadChat at the conference, which is consistent with my goals.

BUT, I need to find a new outlet. I even briefly thought of looking for a (real) job. Thankfully, I quickly dismissed that foolish thought since it would obviously impede my important endeavors of golf, skiing, and play.

What should I do? Heck if I know…

Job comic