A Boomer’s Point-of-View: Something to Discuss This #Thanksgiving

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Peanuts Thanksgiving comic strip

I’ve sworn off public politics because it seems to hard to have any dialogue (these days). But, as a parent of two millennials, I can’t help but worry about their futures and, this Thanksgiving, I want to share a short piece from a column that I found particularly relevant. A link to the entire column is after this excerpt…

“I admit that people make these complaints about every new generation. But millennials seem seriously off-kilter, and we made them this way. A generation that has grown up in more affluence and personal freedom than any other in history has been taught to hate the free enterprise wealth-creation process that gave them what they want in the first place. A generation that has been drilled since pre-kindergarten that the highest virtue in life is tolerance has suddenly become the least tolerant in history.

What they lack most is gratitude. It’s something to think about this Thanksgiving.”

Link to the entire column.