A Boomer’s Point-of-View: The Decent and the Indecent

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~~ How can the University of California actually declare that the line that, There are two races of people: the decent and the indecent, is racist?

~~ Why are outsiders such as Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson dominating the Republican primary polls (so far)?

~~ How could an avowed Socialist become so important in the Democratic primaries?

~~ Do you believe our country is better or worse since President Obama has been in office?

~~ Other than some good rock ‘n’ roll, what good has my generation – the Baby Boomer’s – done for our country?

~~ Is a government shutdown (ever) a good thing?

These are questions I am asking myself these days and asking you. I am more concerned about our country and the violence worldwide than I’ve ever been. I try to have hope, but I often feel hopeless. I am grateful to have grown up and prospered when I did, but fear immensely for my kids’ futures.

Clearly, my political views – if only based on the evidence of the questions at the beginning of this column – lean to the conservative point-of-view. I won’t espouse or rationalize or preach those views since it seems most people are pretty intransigent in their own views (as am I). A decent dialogue does not seem possible in our contemporary world nor has it been very possible in previous times, though it’s nice to romanticize them.

When Abraham Lincoln was President, so many people hated him and one of those haters murdered him. During the Civil War and many times before and after, the political discourse AND the media bias was as extreme or more so than it is today. We tend to forget this.

In fact, The Constitution was designed to foment gridlock so that changes could NOT be easily implemented – without serious debate, consideration, or the long shot of passing a Constitutional Amendment.

I will answer only one of my questions at the beginning of this column, since I want my readers to consider their own answers and thoughts without my bias. The first question about two races of man – the decent and the indecent – seems easy to answer. It is no different than describing good and evil. But sadly, we have a moral equivalence among those on the left that is staggeringly naïve, wrong, and dangerous.

There is good and evil in the world and, of course, decent and indecent. Does anyone really believe that Hitler, Stalin, Mao, North Korea, or Iran have a shred of goodness or decency? Were the machete-style killings of hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children in Rwanda for any reason, good or evil? Does the terrorism of today – killing and maiming truly innocent people – have ANY justification whatsoever?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, please stop reading anything on my website and go to a hate website where you belong. I will not reach you or change your mind.

The fact that entire factions of our world will answer, “Yes” to those questions is the reason I am so worried (about our future).

Believing that people are inherently good defies logic and the evidence. Throughout human history, conflict and cruelty abounded. On a much smaller scale, all one needs to do is watch kids on a playground or in a sandbox to see the inherent conflict and dark side of human nature.

OF COURSE there are abundant examples of good and amazing kindness and giving in the world. Yet, why is it that one bad driver can cause hundreds or thousands of good drivers to be stuck on a freeway due to an accident caused by that drunk or reckless person? Whenever I hear of another terrorist act or mass shooting, I try to see it balanced by a courageous first responder, caring teacher, loving parent, dedicated doctor, loving clergy person, or the countless other miracles in the world.

Yet no matter how hard I want to believe in the goodness of man…