Men vs. Women: #Breasts

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Funny breast comic

I’m a baby boomer. That means I grew up wanting to see breasts. Playboy magazine was the Holy Grail and this was long before they showed much of anything other than a glimpse of breasts and artfully staged photographs that covered up everything else.

Playboy Cover

I distinctly remember going to drugstores, where most magazines were sold and displayed, watching for the salesman, and trying to get a peek. Once, I saw magazines other than my revered Playboy and actually put one in my pants and stole it. That was my prized possession for a long time.

Around this same time I discovered how to make collages with images from comic books, newspapers, and magazines. I made a large collage, which I covered with lacquer upon completion, which I still have to this day. I was so pleased with myself for taking an image of a topless woman and covering her breasts with little squares of the Playboy bunny icon. How clever!

Different kinds of breasts

So, in the manner I’ve done these columns before, let’s look at how men versus women “view” breasts:

~~ Men like big.

~~ Some women like “big” more than the men – just look on Instagram and check the statistics on the average size of implants!

~~ Men like to look – a lot – at breasts and most any female body part that interests them.

Chicken breasts

~~ Women check out other women – breasts, dress, size, etc. In fact, most women dress for other women more than for men.

~~ Men always want variety, hence the hundreds of porn sites, magazines, and such catering to men.

~~ Women do NOT check out men or have great interest in images of naked men ANYWHERE near the interest that men do (in women or, if so inclined, in other men). This may not be PC, but it is the truth.

~~ Some men prefer “natural” to “fake” breasts. Yet, I continue to believe (with no evidence) that most women that get breast “enhancement” do it for themselves and/or other women.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 8.15.35 AM

~~ Women often get “breast enhancements” because they like the way larger breasts look in clothing. This is a big factor, I believe, in their desire to be more “shapely.”

Kim Kardashina

With the popularity of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj, perhaps we as a culture are “appreciating” another part of the female anatomy a bit more?

Nicki Minaj