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It’s the Holiday Season, Christmas-time, and everyone is excited and happy. However, during this festive time there are often many home safety disasters as well as those we always hear about, on the road. This important issue is often lost amidst all the “cheer.” #DadChat will tackle Home Safety this Thursday, December 11 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET, along with sponsor Kidde, and we’ll ask the tough questions, and help YOU have a safe as well as happy holiday season. We also have some special giveaways from Kidde that you can win at this week’s #DadChat!


About Kidde, by Kidde: Founded by Walter Kidde in 1917, a pioneer in early smoke detection and fire suppression, Kidde is the world’s largest manufacturer of fire safety products. Each day, we work to expand upon our legacy of innovation, providing advanced solutions to protect people and property from fire and related hazards. You can find our products in homes and businesses around the globe. And while we’re a leading manufacturer of fire safety products, there’s more to safety than equipment and technology. From collaboration with builders and dealers to community initiatives to partnerships with non-profits, Kidde is committed to working together to create a safer world. 

Prizes to be given away – you WILL have to earn them – are:

Kidde Kitchen Fire Extinguisher: the only special purpose fire extinguisher that is UL-listed for residential cooking equipment. It delivers the firefighting agent at a high volume and low velocity to reduce cooking oil splashing, and the pressure gauge shows the unit is ready for use. Its non-toxic and non-corrosive agent makes clean-up safe and easy.

Kidde Fire Extinguishers

Kidde Worry-Free Digital Carbon Monoxide Alarm: an easy-to-install CO alarm with a 10-year, sealed-in battery, which includes a digital display feature to view the current CO level. It lasts nearly twice as long as the average CO alarm and offers continuous detection of the leading cause of accidental poisoning deaths in America.

Kidde Worry-Free Smoke Alarms

Kidde Three Story Escape Ladder: a 25-foot ladder, which offers a quick and easy escape from a three-story home. It attaches quickly to most windows, and is tangle free, stretching out to form a flame resistant, durable and sturdy ladder that can support up to 1,000 pounds.

Fire escape ladder from Kidde

Kidde Worry-Free Kitchen Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Combination Alarm: combination smoke and CO alarm powered by a sealed-in, 10-year lithium battery, which lasts the life of the alarm, providing 24/7 fire and CO protection and eliminating the hassles of low battery chirps and battery replacement. It features an innovative smart sensing technology to minimize nuisance alarms caused by cooking.

Kidde Worry Free CO Alarm with Digital Display

Questions to be considered for this week’s #DadChat:

Are you fire-safe in your home? 

Do you have a two-story home? Do you have an escape ladder?

Do YOUR kids know where your fire extinguishers are? Do they know how to use them? 

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~~ #DadChat discusses home safety Thursday. Is your home fire-safe? Do you have an extinguisher?

~~ It’s the holidays, but are you safe and secure? Are your smoke alarms working? #DadChat takes this on tomorrow!

~~ What happens if there’s a fire in your home? Do you have a plan? Let’s discuss that and more #Safety tips at #DadChat TONIGHT!

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