How My Wife and #Dogs Differ – Ten Ways, Part One

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Okay, I’m kidding. Well, sort of. Of course my dogs and my wife are not the same in ANY way but their differences are sort of striking. I love my dogs but I have NEVER equated the love of my pets with my love of human beings. Nonetheless, there’s a reason people are fanatical about their pets. Mostly, I think it’s the unconditional love. In our human relationships, we actually tend to expect something from one another.

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So, with no further preamble, here’s my list of wife and dog differences:

~~ When I say, “Come,” my dogs listen to me.

~~ When I say, “Stay,” they stay.

~~ My dogs don’t argue with me.

~~ My dogs think I’m really cool and are ALWAYS happy to see me.

~~ I get more kisses from my pups in one day than I’ve got from my wife ALL YEAR.

Twisted Dogs

~~ The dogs do as they’re told.

~~ My dogs are great listeners and they don’t interrupt.

~~ My dog are gorgeous – well, so is my wife – no difference here!

~~ My dogs self-groom – my wife pays a football team’s worth of people for the same thing!

~~ My dogs wag their tails; my wife wags her finger!

Well, I’m sure you agree that this list is far from complete. So, we will do Part Two, but in the meantime, YOU are welcome to add any of your own differences between your partner and your dog(s)!

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