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Emma Watson gave a stirring speech at the UN recently (hear it above). She was as poised a young speaker as I’ve ever seen and spoke passionately about the need for gender equality, usually two words I tend to disdain. She made good points. Is the UN the right forum for ANY positive efforts? A good question, but OUR forum is certainly worthy of discussing the underlying issue. NOT about “gender equality” and girls/women, but about what is happening to our boys and men as a result of feminism, and where we parents must work to educate our girls and boys to be the BEST PEOPLE they can be – regardless of what is between their legs! Join us for this provocative dialogue Thursday, October 2 at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET.

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This issue has arose, it seems, right on the heels of the ongoing NFL scandal in which many players seem to be thugs (towards women). What is going on? What is happening in the homes of our boys and girls. When the nuclear family is no longer the majority and every permutation of family unit IS the norm, where do our kids get the best adult (role) models? Tough questions. And, we have a #DadChat regular – Noelle Campbell – who brought this topic up and will co-host. She is not a parent (yet), but she cares about our community AND about the future of our girls AND boys!

Noelle Campbell - #DadChat Aunt

Noelle’s auto-biography: To answer your question, no, I wasn’t born on Christmas. I am a writer with wanderlust in spades and a serious addiction to the Caribbean. I currently work a job that pays the bills, but am slowly working towards being location independent with blogging, social media management, and photography. I need to see the world and can’t do that with only two weeks vacation a year. I love hearing people’s stories and what they are passionate about, because it inspires me to keep exploring what that is for me. I dream to leave Minnesota winters behind and live on St John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Noelle’s blog and photography

Here are some talking points and questions to share and discuss. Feel free to use any as tweets to invite people to join us this week:

• Have you heard about #HeForShe & Emma Watson’s speech? What did you think? #DadChat Thursday (or tomorrow, or tonight)
• What place do think men should have in the feminism/gender equality discussion? #DadChat Thursday (or tomorrow, or tonight)
• Do you think the gender equality discussion can help men? How? #DadChat Thursday (or tomorrow, or tonight)
• How good/bad do you think the NFL has handled recent violence issues like Ray Rice? #DadChat Thursday (or tomorrow, or tonight)
• Do you think feminism/gender equality is hurting our boys/young men? How? #DadChat Thursday (or tomorrow, or tonight)
• How should we be teaching our kids/young adults about gender equality? #DadChat Thursday (or tomorrow, or tonight)
• How can the gender equality movement help our boys/young men?#DadChat Thursday (or tomorrow, or tonight)
• How have you discussed the Ray Rice/NFL issue with your teens/young adults?#DadChat Thursday (or tomorrow, or tonight)
• Should men be a louder voice in the feminism/gender equality discussion?#DadChat Thursday (or tomorrow, or tonight)
• What stereotypes about men do you think #HeForShe & gender equality can help?#DadChat Thursday (or tomorrow, or tonight)
• MEN – Do you feel pigeonholed by feminism/gender equality? Do you want to be a bigger part of the movement, finding common ground?
• WOMEN –  Do you want men to be a bigger part of gender equality? Do you think woman have hindered men from being a bigger part?
• Do you think gender equality/feminism has created bad stereotypes of men? i.e. predators, always violent, etc. How should the movement be addressing these stereotypes?

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