We Learned HOW to Avoid #Stress with @MamaBritt

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#DadChat Thursday, August 9 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. had @MamaBritt aka Britt Michaelian sharing her secrets for creating daily routines that encourage love, happiness and support in your family. THOSE secrets included simple systems to enhance your life and make it easier and avoid stress. Fabulous tips and info. Here’s the transcript!

#DadChat strives to be the best parent community on Twitter and I believe we’re succeeding because we are not afraid to tackle the tough subjects yet we are a wide-open forum and we do throw in the occasional joke and lighter moments.


Britt Michaelian, M.A. is a passionate, serial entrepreneur dedicated to helping lifestyle entrepreneurs to build profitable businesses that allow you to live happy, healthy and wealthy as you pursue your dreams and avoid negativity. With a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and Art Therapy and as the Founder of Work Smart Lifestyle, Britt is well positioned to lead lifestyle entrepreneurs into a new way of living in abundance.

Britt’s professional journey has spanned multiple industries from costume designer, fine artist and award winning filmmaker to child safety enthusiast and lifestyle business coach to social media power house and author. Creativity, connection and enthusiasm are three words that have embodied every part of Britt’s broad spectrum of work, along with a heavy dose of business savvy and strategic thinking.

As her work continues to evolve, you will find her on any given day spending as much time as possible with her loved ones, writing down her ideas on paper, seeking inspiration in nature… and always sharing her thoughts on social media platforms like TwitterFacebookYouTube and Google+.