How to Write Your #Twitter Bio aka What YOUR Twitter Bio Reveals

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How do you use the short space allowed to describe yourself in your Twitter bio? I believe a Twitter bio reveals a lot. Mine is below and let’s analyze it first, before I break apart others.

What is the first thing you see? I would think it’s the image – the caricature of me so wonderfully done by @VoogDesigns, who also is the incredible illustrator for my Because I Said So comic strip.

What’s next? “Dad, writer, radio host, founder of #DadChat.” I explicitly chose to put “Dad” first because that is what I want YOU to know first about me. I am a dad and I treasure that job. The rest is gravy.

What else? You see my name. Yes, MY NAME. Not some cute alter ego. My name. I believe our names are our identity and I believe it is important to try and secure a twitter handle that has some form of your name within it. Yes, Dave Smith is probably gone, but you can be clever.

The other two things that are present and important to me are links to my website and Facebook Page. I also mention my book, though frankly, that is old news and I will likely update my Twitter profile to emphasize more current activities of mine.

When I began this column, I expected to take apart twitter bios that I find weak or stupid. The ones that are offensive, with bad language and inappropriate images are a waste of time and I don’t care about them one way or another. But, for those that are simply “weak or stupid,” I could offer some suggestions.

Since I’ve come to learn that Social Media = Social Good and that being a troll or lurker is cowardly, I will NOT point out any specific twitter bios that I think are “weak or stupid.”

Instead, I’ll just offer my two cents of what should and should not be included in a Twitter bio. Of course, if you’re a porn site, put up the raciest photo and language you can. If you’re a business, make sure your business is front and center. If it’s all for fun, maybe it doesn’t matter. If it’s your kids, you should care and pay attention and maybe, just maybe, intervene if they’re presenting themselves in a poor light. That is your job as parent after all!

So, herewith, in no particular order are some suggestions for your Twitter bio, many of which I’ve described already earlier in this column. I’ve chosen not to give guidelines for a business Twitter bio as those would be quite different and merit a separate column:

~~ Use your name if you can. If not, use some part of your name.
~~ Choose a photo or image (like my caricature) that reveals something about YOU.
~~ Lead with your strength and what you believe is most important that people know about you.
~~ Include the most important link or two that invites people to know more about you.
~~ Tell us where you are! I find it so pompous to read something like “citizen of the world.”
~~ This may be a shocker, but tell the truth!
~~ Get feedback on your image, on your bio from people you respect and adjust accordingly.
~~ Send me your twitter bio and I’ll review it for you. Condition: you come to #DadChat.
~~ Put #DadChat in your twitter bio…just kidding.
~~ Write something! Who wants to follow someone who puts NOTHING in his or her bio?

What do you think is important to include or exclude from a Twitter bio? Please share your comments and ideas below.

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