Social Media Rants and Ramblings #1 aka #Vegan #Friends and #Money

Category: Weekly Columns

I’ve begun to make my weekend posts about Social Media. It just happened. Why? Because I’m living Social Media and my work revolves around it as well. And, I love it.

After writing so many articles for, I’ve become a fan of list columns so herewith are random rants and ramblings on the topic at hand:

~~ Who are these people with tens of thousands of followers but hardly any tweets? Are these the people who “Buy” followers and, assuming that is the case, what real good is there to that?

~~ Do you hate auto-DMs as much as I do?

~~ Does SEO make you crazy, enhance your writing, or are you neutral on the subject? Why have my posts with “Friends,” “Money,” “Disappointed,” and #Vegan” in the titles gotten the most views? Don’t worry, I’m going to do an “A Dad’s Point-of-View” column all about that peculiar fact with links to each of them.

~~ Why can’t most commenting systems work simply and effectively? I love the ones that are easy and show my latest post. It feels like a reward for my comment.

~~ Speaking of commenting, those of you who know me well know that I’ve been a huge advocate of commenting. Until recently, I was making at least two-dozen comments per day. As with most things we do obsessively, I’ve had comment burnout and have almost stopped commenting altogether. I still completely believe in the value of commenting and I will be back!

~~ Do you still have friends and colleagues who disparage Twitter and say, “I don’t need it.” Do you look at them askance? When is the last time you saw the word, “Askance?”

~~ I’m equally stubborn with taking on new SoMe sites. My friend @mqtodd has besieged me to participate on Empire. I have read enough of Michael’s writing to know his advice is sage. The hard part for me is the learning curve. I prefer to have someone sit down with me – for an hour or so – show me the ropes and then I’m IN! Michael, it’s a short flight from Japan to L.A., really!

~~ Speaking of those I respect, Guy Kawasaki is evangelizing for Google +. His latest book is What the Plus! so I suspect I have to learn and do that also. Since Guy has graciously agreed to co-host #DadChat this Thursday, May 17, the least I could do is to follow his advice. Guy, will you hold my hand, please?

~~ Setting myself up for a big blowback, do you find significantly different behaviors from your male and female Social Media “friends?” I do not mean better or worse, since it’s clear that women and men are completely equal and the same (I went to college, so I know), but what differences if any do you find in their online behaviors?

~~ Taking one step further from the previous point, I will definitely assert that dad and mom bloggers approach things quite differently. I won’t say how, but welcome your thoughts on this in the comments section, below.

~~ Our of curiosity, list the top three tools you use for your SoMe life? Mine are Twitter, Facebook, Commenting, and Tweet Chats. Hmm, guess I can’t count.

~~ Do you agree that vlogging is going to take a giant leap forward as the next thing we HAVE to do? Or, do you believe it’s already happening big-time? I’m LOVING doing the I’m NOT That Dad vlogs and have about six in the can and another few that need editing. Of course, I’m a big ham, so put me in front of a camera and I will just go and go and go…the Energizer Dad!

~~ What are the most annoying online habits of others to you? For me, it’s auto-DMs and lousy commenting systems that lose my comment or make me go through hoops to post it!