Dad 2.0 Summit, The REAL Definitions of Those Social Media Terms

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What’s New is the Dad 2.0 Summit in Austin, Texas. I’m there, having a blast, with a wonderfully engaging and fun group of 200 people – they sold out. Going to the closing party at the infamous Stubbs BBQ tonight and then taking a midnight flight home! I had such a kick writing The REAL Definitions of Those Social Media Terms¬†for the Dad 2.0 Summit. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it! Our 25th Because I Said So¬†comic strip may be my favorite as it’s a tribute to Linus, Peanuts, and Charles Schultz. The 3rd panel is mimicking an old poster I had in my college dorm. #DadChat continues to soar. Stay tuned for this week’s topic with co-hosts @Joseph and @MilasPage.