The Triple Decker Sandwich Generation #Seniors on #DadChat

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Next week at #DadChat – Thursday Feb 2 – we go from #Seniors to #Sex. We have a very special guest, a former teen prostitute who now advocates on behalf of teens. It will be a frank discussion. Details will be posted early next week.

Thursday, December 26 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST we discussed the Triple Decker Sandwich Generation with co-host @BarryBirkett (see photo below…I photo-shopped it a bit to make him look older and wiser). Read the transcript as much wisdom was offered. Barry is a member of the sandwich generation and co-founded Senior Care Corner with his wife Kathy.

I went through watching, helping, and feeling helpless when my parents declined. I had no help, being an only child, other than the support of my young boys, the oldest of which was an incredible Grandma-sitter. We all face or will face these issues with our seniors and ultimately ourselves.

#DadChat is unique, in my opinion, in that we have a lot of fun and sometimes go crazy silly as we did last week with our first Gender War and the wonderful @MimiBakerMN as co-host. BUT, as with my writing, I believe there must be balance in our lives and my goal is that #DadChat is a forum for the serious and the silly, as well as a great place to meet like-minded folks. While this topic may be serious, I promise you we’ll also have fun ’cause #DadChat always meanders where the participants take it.