#DadChat, Charity Auction for the Troops Plus Sex and Our Kids

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#DadChat Thursday, November 10 at 6:00 – 7:00 p.m., PST tackled Sex and Our Kids. I’ve been asked what that means? Does it mean issues about Dad and Mom having sex? Does it mean abortion? Does it mean when/what is permitted and discussed with our kids? Does it mean contraception, birth control? Does it mean abstinence?

The answer is Yes.


PLUS, we will do TWO Charity Auctions for the troops in honor of Veteran’s Day. More details coming but we’ve done this (Charity Auction) once before and it was fun plus we all got the satisfaction of doing good! What could be better!?

@BrandFlair’s (aka JB, aka John Boyle) wrote a great blog about this great charity opportunity to support our troops! He will be co-hosting the auctions with me.

Come to #DadChat and join our fun, our intensity, our rambling and largely unstructured chats, and meet truly wonderful people…dads and moms and even some non-parents. After all, the #DadChat motto is For Anyone Who Is a Parent or Was a Child!

We are likely going to have a cool giveaway this week, as well. Details forthcoming. But, you will have to earn it!