Just A Guy Saying Women NEED Men

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There was a popular feminist slogan in the early days of “the movement” that went something like, women need men as much as a fish needs a bicycle.

Thankfully, we have moved past the radical nature of early feminist’s beliefs to a middle ground, though you’d never know it if you looked at the courses and syllabuses in Women’s Studies departments at colleges.

But, most men and women, especially moms and dads, understand that equality doesn’t mean we’re the same.  We all tend to agree that equal pay for equal work is the way it should be, but in other areas our gender needs are just different.  We are built differently, so get over it.

Men are slugs; Women are emotional.  Men watch sports; women like chick flicks.  Men retreat to their caves; women want to talk about it.  Men like to burp and fart: women like to do laundry.  Shall I go on or are you already screaming at your screen?

Part of this quirk of nature is that in fact women NEED men, in spite of the feminist rants.  We know men need women, if for only the civilizing, order, and family they bring to us.  I’m not even mentioning the cooking and laundry.  In fact, studies show married men live longer than their single counterparts.

But, women also need men. Fact. Sorry, Ms. College Professor, but it’s true no matter how many bras you burn.  And, bottom line, we need each other and what is wrong with that? But, what do I know; after all, I’m just a guy.