Just A Guy and Therapy

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As if it hasn’t been while, I may make a tiny mistake. Consequently, my wife and I do go to a therapist, on that rare occasion I may make a minuscule gaff. Naturally, my wife flubs up several times – an hour.

Joking aside, we do have our “stuff,” a word that will forever be enshrined in my mind with the late, great George Carlin (google him and “stuff” if you’re soooo old as not to remember that famous routine of his).  Maybe I’ll just provide it for you and save your lazy butt the effort?  Should I?  Okay, if you insist, here it is: George Carlin/Stuff.

But, I’m getting off track here. Does therapy work for you? I find we tend to just use most sessions as complaint fests. Granted we are the most stubborn two people I know, but do we really need to pay beaucoup $$$ to rant about each other?

We do get good advice from our therapist, but as a man I greatly respect has said about therapy and therapists – finding a good one and therefore getting value is not easy.  I think we have a good one.  We just need to listen to him once in a while, but what do I know; I’m just a guy.