Just A Guy, His Wife, and Sex

Category: Just A Guy

So, last week’s blog was about one of the other three common couple’s argument topics, money, and I thought I’d take on the easier one with this blog – sex.  Yeah, very easy.

While I declared that sex isn’t a big issue in our household, and it isn’t, I also have to admit it is an issue.  There’s a movie quote, don’t ask me from which movie, that goes something like this, “He wants, she doesn’t, he wants, she doesn’t,” which sums up the stereotype thinking on sex between couples.

Truth is, I suspect, it may be a bit more weighted towards the  “she wants,” in our house.  There’s a host of reasons for this that are just too personal, and the differential isn’t that disparate.  I’d say our only ongoing issues with sex are timing, the kid’s presence, and menopause.

I like the evening, she likes the morning.  An honest difference of feeling.  They’re my kids, now her beloved step-kids, so the noise and their presence has a negligible effect on me; maybe a little more with her (I’m going to ask right now).

As for the menopause, I will only get myself in trouble with that one, so suffice it to say, I’ve only known my wife “in menopause,” so I really have no idea who I married, a comment she doesn’t appreciate and one I use too often (you know how men use the same ol’ jokes all the time – I’m just as guilty as any other man of doing that).

So, as far as sex goes, I guess I’d have to just say what do I know; I’m just a guy.