Just A Guy Talking About Women’s (Sex) Parts

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My recent blog about women’s bleeding provoked a comment that inspired this blog.  Another dirty little secret about men, but one that I’m sure is less a secret, is how lame, naïve, and uneducated we can be about how women’s sexual parts work.  And, what WE have to do to take care of them.

When I began having sex, no woman took the time to tell me what I was doing right or wrong.  As a fumbling teen, I groped around a bit, made out some (does anyone say “make out” anymore?), and went for it pretty much as soon as I could or was allowed.

I really believed my efforts were so incredible that there was no doubt my partner was lying back in heavenly bliss vs. the more likely reality of “Is that all there is?”  But, talking about sex between men and women or more appropriately for that time, boys and girls, just was too darn awkward and we didn’t.  The idea of actually expressing what we liked and didn’t like was impossible.

I won’t say how long it took till I finally “got it” but it was way too long, especially when I finally learned “the truth.” 

Lesson.  C’mon, men and women, boys and girls, talk to each other.  And, one difference to remember is men’s parts stick out there, literally and figuratively, so there’s little question about how it looks, what it’s doing, and when it’s happy.  Women’s parts, on the other hand, remain a mystery to so many for long. But, what do I know; I’m just a guy (with a thing).