Just A Guy That Looks

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You will always find a guy that looks at women.  Yes, there’s a time and place for doing it.  But we will also do it when it’s not the time and place.  It’s in our hard wiring.  Two recent outings with my wife brought this to mind – because, yes, sometimes I am a guy that looks.

First, we were driving at night and pulled alongside a line of (young) people waiting to get in a club.  My wife was driving but noticed that I “gazed” at the abundance of barely clad women. Now, of course, she would say, “slobbered.”

The second occurred, while at the airport, in the interminable security line.  Bored to death as it inched along, I tried the more covert spy gaze, this time at a group of young girls apparently on their way to Vegas.  But, it turns out I’m no 007 and in my absent-mindedness, I slightly bumped my wife who was ahead of me. 

Clearly sensitive to this issue she twirled around, accusing me of looking at girls (again), and promised to get even, which in her language means spending money.

My wife is quite attractive and I don’t want anyone else. To a degree I can’t help it when a half-naked woman crosses my path, while at the same time my wife deserves my respect and exclusive attention. I don’t like this side of my character. To counter it, I usually sit facing the wall whenever we eat out, to insure my undivided attention to my wife.

Honestly, I’m doing my best to work on this, but more than most of my (male) deficiencies, what can I do, as I’m just a guy?  Now, gulp, I’m ready for your comments.