Moral Question of the Week: Are Dogs Equal to Humans? #DadChat #Values


A man I respect a great deal – Dennis Prager – talks and writes a great deal about values and morality. He has, for decades, liked to ask a group of kids (up to college age) the same question: If a stranger or a dog were drowning and you could only rescue one, who would you rescue? He says the answer is almost always the same: 1/3 say their dog, 1/3 say the stranger, and 1/3 say they don’t know. It begs the question of the value of human life, doesn’t it? What would your kids say? That is this week’s Moral Question of the week. Your thoughts are welcome below…

Are Your Feelings Your Moral Guide? #DadChat

We live in a world that seems to be governed by “feelings.” The classic therapy question is, “How do you feel (about that)?” Well, SHOULD our feelings be our guide in life and decisions? THAT is this week’s Moral Question of the Week. Add your thoughts in the comment section, below…

Can a Banana be Politically Correct?

Banana - Sex Ed - KidsIt’s time our Moral Question of the Week took on something hard! The other day my wife threw out, what appeared to me, perfectly good bananas. She said because they were covered with brown spots she believed that they were no longer good. She said doctors say there’s too much sugar in them at that point. I always thought that the slightly brown-patched bananas were actually better and tastier. What do you think?

The Entitlement Generation at #DadChat

 The Entitlement Generation

What parent hasn’t thought that their kid was or might be spoiled? Entitled? The Entitlement Generation is NOW – it’s happening in our government – and it’s filtering down to our kids. How do we instill values and a work ethic in our kids? What do you do when you learn that 30% of all school kids steal from stores AND think it’s okay? Do your older kids think that the music they “get” for free online is their entitlement? What about the movies they download “for free?” Oh, it’s just “the man” that they’re screwing? Join us Thursday, August 1 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. PT/9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ET for this important discussion!

Rachel Thompson is our special co-host at #DadChat this week!

THIS is an epidemic. And, ironically, the first time that #DadChat is confronting it. We will just touch the service as I suspect this will be a regular topic – sadly – for years to come.

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