Values, #Money, Our Kids, and the Real World

There is a reason that money is on that short list of things that couples argue about most. What are the other things? Sex, and the kids, of course. With the state of our worldwide economy being in such flux, money is a more pressing issue for couples and families than any other time in my life. Plus, we have the glorious – and I use that word facetiously* – social development in which both parents work, more than ever before. Financial literacy for our kids and us is more important than ever before!

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Just A Guy Saying There Are Winners and Losers

In our elementary schools and team sports for younger kids there seems to be this foolish desire to make everyone a winner.  But there are winners and losers.  They had assemblies at my kids’ elementary schools, several times a year, in which eventually every kid won an achievement award.  When I coached my young son’s coach-pitch baseball league, I was told at the end of the season to get trophies for everyone, including myself. Instead of enhancing self-esteem, the truth is this just diminishes any one child’s actual accomplishments. read more