Ten Ideas From My First Hundred Columns

I find it hard to believe but this is my one hundredth “A Dad’s Point-of-View” column.  How best to celebrate this milestone?  I’d like to look back at the previous 99 and choose the strongest ten ideas among them and briefly share them with you, by giving the title of the column and a short summary of what may be the little pearl of wisdom that came out of the 800 plus words contained within it.

1.    There’s No Such Thing as Quality Time.

I learned early on in my parenting that the often-quoted notion of “Quality Time” was bunk.  The only thing that matters to our children is “Quantity Time” since the only time they will open up is when they are good and ready. You can’t schedule time with your children the way you might with a business appointment and the moments that will surprise you the most are when you least expect it. There is no such thing as quality time, only quantity time.

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